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Go Where The Wind Blows You/ Original Art

Go Where The Wind Blows You/ Original Art

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“Go Where The Wind Blows You”

I love this piece.  The original photo was so simple and the angle was just right to get that magic glow dancing off the tops of the whirling Sea Oats.   I took this picture on one of my rare ‘me’ days exploring Grayton Beach State Park in the 30A area.   This last couple of years have been whirlwinds of new beginnings and closed chapters.   The biggest weight on my chest is “what do I do now” and “where do I go from here”?   The simplicity of this photograph spoke volumes to me.  With no words at all the advice from the day rang clear.   Follow the light & just go where the wind blows you.   It had a subtle reminder of when you don’t know what the next steps are then don’t do anything at all.  Just sit and take it all in while looking for subtle clues to direct your next steps.   I do believe in life if we allow our own intuition to be our driving force then our end result will be much more rewarding.


Acrylic on 11x14 Flat Canvas Panel

NO Frame

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