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Image by Visual Stories || Micheile


Melissa Malcolm

My work has been a slow evolution of vibrant rich palettes, shimmer and shine, gold hints and lots of old world glam.  Much of my inspiration comes from the tropical vibes of  Florida where we live.   My work is heavily influenced by my interpretation of sacred geometry, the meditational power of mandalas, and frequencies.  I unintentionally seem to weave more and more of those subtle influences into my work .  It just flows out of me as vibrant swirly whirly sparkly beautiful art.   It is my goal for my pieces to serve as a reminder without words that time is always flowing and moving- hence the swirls, and special rare moments are like little "God Winks"- hence the sparkle.  Whether it is a sunset or a floral the theme runs deep throughout each of my pieces.    I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my work with you.

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