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Perspective, SEArenity Collection, Paper & Canvas Prints

Perspective, SEArenity Collection, Paper & Canvas Prints

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One of my favorite mentors and teachers in my life is the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. I truly believe the wisest words I have ever heard have come from him. His most impactful words were tackling perspectives and old beliefs. “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. These words are so simple and yet so profound. I think we get stuck in old ways of thinking and therefore treat new situations from an old point of view rather than with a fresh set of new eyes. When we come into a new situation with no past conditioned beliefs we are able to leave out a factor of preconceived expectation and see the situation without emotional attachments therefore allowing us to make wiser clear minded decisions. Letting go of what we think something is or should be is a lot harder than we think. Dropping expectations and just allowing is something I try to work towards often when life throws me a curve ball that is overwhelming and totally out of my control. Stepping back and zooming out of my emotional big picture and trying to see life from the perspective of the “viewer” rather than the “main character” has been a big help for me. This reference photo I took of Western Lake gave me such insight into perspective. It was my first visit to Grayton State Park and I have seen a million iconic pictures on Western Lake. You know…the strip of water and then the strip of tall defined pines reaching for the sun. It’s on every hat, mug, and t-shirt. That scene pretty much defines the 30A area. So as an artist searching for inspiration I took off on my own afternoon hunt to find my perfect picture of Western Lake to paint. I had all of these expectations, especially considering how many photographers and artists have done the same. I must have missed the “spot” to stand in to get that picture. I had expectations of taking that perfect shot to paint. I drove and walked around looking for that view that everyone else gets. Couldn’t find it. But what I did find was new perspective on an old concept. When I quit looking for what everyone else sees, I was able to find my own perspective, my own perfect shot of Western Lake. My, Oh, my am I happy with the outcome. The picture I shot was art in itself. The painting that came from that days walk, “Perspective” is my perfect reminder to look at things with fresh new eyes. Poetically, as I was driving away full of new inspiration I did happen to look back. Oh, there was the shot I had originally come for.  


The original piece was acrylic painted on an 11x14 canvas panel.


All paper prints are printed on fine art paper with archival quality ink. All prints on canvas are on premium stretched canvas, gallery wrapped so that the painting wraps around the 1” sides. Please allow 10 - 14 days for production and shipping, as we lovingly make all giclée prints locally.


FREE SHIPPING for sizes shown.

If you are interested in International shipping please email us for a shipping quote.

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    We do not accept returns or refunds UNLESS you recieved your product damaged.

    I am a local artisan, one woman team.  If you are unhappy for any reason please contact me and I am sure we can work something out.  

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