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Love Bugs

Love Bugs

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"Love Bugs"

from the  Serenbe Collection

10x10 acrylic on flat canvas  panel.   Varnished.  No frame.  


If you look close enough to these adorable love bugs you can see that their wings spell "love".   It is so fun to let your imagination wander. 


My newest collection is inspired by one of my favorite places to visit when I go back to my hometown. Serenbe Farms  in Georgia.  


I was curious about where the name "Serenbe" came from. The name came derived from "serenity" and "to be".


This collection has been a work in progress and I decided the perfect release date. 03.21.23. Although today is a once in a lifetime date just like my last collection released on 02.22.22, this particular date holds such a favorite memory for Robert and was the date we opened our little cafe many years ago, good ol' 03.21. So I figured, today was a great day to release my latest work. This past year has been packed full of lessons. I have had to learn to "let it be" and be at peace and find my "serenity". I hope you enjoy this latest collection "Serenbe" as much as I enjoyed painting each piece.

  • We do not accept returns on original art.

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