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Butterfly Garden | 10x10 Acrylic on flat canvas panel

Butterfly Garden | 10x10 Acrylic on flat canvas panel

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"Butterfly Garden"

10x10 acrylic on flat canvas panel.   Varnished.  No frame.  


My newest collection is inspired by one of my favorite places to visit when I go back to my hometown. Serenbe Farms  in Georgia.  


I was curious about where the name "Serenbe" came from. The name came derived from "serenity" and "to be".


This collection has been a work in progress and I decided the perfect release date. 03.21.23. Although today is a once in a lifetime date just like my last collection released on 02.22.22, this particular date holds such a favorite memory for Robert and was the date we opened our little cafe many years ago, good ol' 03.21. So I figured, today was a great day to release my latest work. This past year has been packed full of lessons. I have had to learn to "let it be" and be at peace and find my "serenity". I hope you enjoy this latest collection "Serenbe" as much as I enjoyed painting each piece.

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