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SEArenity Series

This 30A Gulf Coast inspired series is my first and I am so excited to share it with you. Each piece weaves together to tell a story. A story of finding a beginning, enjoying the journey, and turning dreams into reality. Each painting breathes the gentle reminder of being at peace and finding your inner serenity or shall we say SEArenity. The foundation of it all.

I am months away from forty and that "now or never" feeling has stirred. All I know is that I want to be creative every day. I have known for two decades my dream was to become an artist full time. Why, oh why am I just now finding the courage to wake up every morning purpose driven? To sum it up Lots and Lots of failure, that's why. Failure is probably too harsh, let's call it "mandatory life reevaluation". The simplest cycles of life playout every day in our lives as well. We plant a seed, we grow, we become, then our potential and efforts come full bloom, and poof. Dead and gone. BUT there are many seeds left in the end. Foundations to grow on. Bigger & better crops waiting to bloom. We are all cultivators of our own lives. Finding the peace woven in is the true beauty of a life fulfilled.

All originals will be offered on my website starting 2.22.22 as well as prints. I am so happy to have you along with me on this journey. Don't forget to subscribe to my website so you get email notifications, updates, and discount codes!

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